Unreal Championship 2: The Liandri Conflict (2005)
(Unreal series)
Microsoft Xbox
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Midway   Epic Games

Futuristic arena combat takes another step into the console realms with this second edition of Unreal Championship for Xbox. Though retaining the fast-paced shooter combat and focus on multiplayer competition that won fans for the original, Liandri Conflict adds new features that expand the basic gameplay, in a decidedly gamepad-oriented fashion. Players can now fight up-close-and-personal, with new melee attacks, and perform super-human leaps and dodges, which are accented in the game's optional third-person perspective. New offensive and defensive Adrenaline powers are also in the mix, adding opportunities for fresh tactics and action. The maps in Unreal Championship 2 are designed with these new features in mind. The single-player game comes in two separate, area-based campaigns, but online multiplayer support remains a key feature of the title, offering a wide variety of match types, for up to eight human competitors, through the Xbox Live service.

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