Peggle (2009)
Apple iPhone/iPod Touch
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Inspired by the Japanese parlor game pachinko and the arcade classic Breakout, Peggle has you launching balls from the screen's top to hit a series of blue and orange pegs located below. Only by clearing the orange pegs on a given stage will you be able to advance to the next. While you are free to aim the ball anywhere on the screen, once it launches, gravity and physics take over as it careens and ricochets across intricately arranged levels. Extra balls are earned by achieving point milestones or by having a ball land in a basket traveling back and forth along the screen's lower edge.

Four play modes include Adventure, Quick Play, Duel, and Challenge. "Adventure" features 55 levels hosted by ten cartoon-like characters. Each character offers a distinct power, from allowing you to see where the ball will ricochet before its launch to expanding the basket's size on the bottom of the screen. "Quick Play" lets you shoot for high scores on any unlocked level, while "Duel" involves alternating turns with the computer or a friend in an attempt to outscore them on the same stage. The final mode, "Challenge," presents Peggle pros with 75 puzzles to solve using a combination of skill and luck.

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