Fuzion Frenzy (2001)
(Fuzion Frenzy series)
Microsoft Xbox
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Microsoft   Blitz Games
DVD 0659556980498

With up to four players battling it out over 45 mini-games, there is plenty of fun to be had with Fuzion Frenzy.

Based around a similar system to that of Crystal Maze you have the choice of different games across different zones as you play either against the computer or against your friends.

You'll notice a lot of the ideas in the mini-games derived from other successful genres and games, whether it be Bomberman, Micro Machines or even Powerstone and trying to complete the tasks in hand and get the highest score can at times prove difficult--because of the amount of laughing that can occur.

You can either play in a tournament or a single game, which gives those that need a bit of computer challenge plenty to play with while those who wish to become a master at a particular game can do so.

It's a simple idea that has been tried unsuccessfully in the past by the likes of Sega and Nintendo with Mario and Sonic alike, but for some reason Microsoft seem to have got it right and this will give you hours of entertainment. Admittedly you might get a little bored on your own, but, hey, this game isn't about playing on your own.--Jason Denwood

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Multiplayer Support Split Screen
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