Project Gotham Racing 2 (2003)
(Project Gotham series)
Microsoft Xbox
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Microsoft   Bizzare Creations
DVD 805529569553

This sequel to the million-selling Project Gotham Racing features officially licensed sports cars from such manufacturers as Ferrari and Porsche. Over 50 automobiles are available to race as or against in a variety of new cities, including venues in Hong Kong and Edinburgh. The basic structure of its predecessor remains intact, meaning players will compete for Kudos points by demonstrating a number of skills while racing. Of course, new techniques will have to mastered to earn additional Kudos, and the ranking system has been redesigned to better reflect a player's true racing ability. Multiplayer competition is supported through Microsoft's Xbox Live broadband service.
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No. of Disks 1
Multiplayer Support Internet, Split Screen, System Link
Devices Gamepad, Memory Card
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Extras Box, Downloaded Extras, Manual
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