Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory (2005)
(Splinter Cell series)
Microsoft Xbox
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Ubi Soft   Ubi Soft Montreal
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Players resume the tension-heavy role of NSA operative Sam Fischer for this third game in the Tom Clancy stealth-action spin-off series, Splinter Cell. A new kind of war is being fought in 2008, and information is the weapon. Enemies of the free world can now orchestrate devastation from afar, through such means as power outages and financial sabotage. The only way to stop them is with the same weapon they've chosen to use: information. Players must infiltrate enemy operations to recover secret data that can be used to prevent the enemies' attacks and leave them defenseless.

Chaos Theory boasts more fluid combat and stealth moves than its predecessors, bringing a new athleticism to the grim Sam Fischer and allowing quick, hand-to-hand stealth kills. As with earlier Splinter Cell games, Chaos Theory is also designed to push the technical limits of the consoles on which it appears, in terms of its physics model and graphics. Levels were built to offer more possible paths to their objectives -- and more opposition as well. Two-player infiltration is supported, however, allowing gamers to use teamwork to overcome the most challenging obstacles.

Along with the game itself, the Collector's Edition of Chaos Theory comes in a metallic case with a second disc of bonus content, including a "Making of" video, a browsable art gallery, a Penny Arcade cartoon "Spy Guide," and three remixed songs from the Amon Tobin-composed soundtrack. The Xbox version of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory supports both online and split-screen multiplayer modes, for both cooperative and competitive play.
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