Transformers G1: Awakening (2010)
(Transformers series)
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Every so often, you play a game that is so tailored to your interests that you have to wonder if the developer has been nosing through your emails or reading your journal. Glu's new Transformers G1: Awakening is just one of those games: it's Advance Wars, one of my favorite Game Boy Advance games, but it stars the Transformers. And not the Transformers of the recent movies, either. Glu enlisted the crew of the classic cartoons and comics that remain so beloved to an entire generation.

Of course, just tossing Optimus Prime into a turn-based strategy game isn't going to cut it – not with fans. In fact, that's a bigger recipe for disappointment and disaster. Thankfully, Transformers G1: Awakening is a thoughtful, balanced turn-based strategy game loaded with all the trimmings of the genre's best, such as easy controls (the touchscreen commands work well, although you may need to zoom in if you have difficulty choosing Autobots in crowded areas) and easy-to-understand support mechanics. For example, it just makes sense that parking Optimus Prime near other Autobots would give them a morale boost and increase their chances in battle. Seeking advantageous terrain like mountains and forests increases your defense and attack powers. Keeping Ratchet alive so the ambulance can heal up other Autobots is essential, too. The Decepticons are brutal, pulling few punches, especially when Trypticon enters the line-up.
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