Angry Birds (2009)
Apple iPhone/iPod Touch
In Collection
Completed:  Yes
Chillingo, LTD.   Rovio Mobile Ltd.

The next time somebody asks me why I love gaming on an iPhone, I am going to show them Angry Birds. For the sale price of just 99 cents (it's normally $1.99 – and still worth every penny), you get a funny little puzzler about flightless birds that attack egg-stealing pigs via a slingshot. The pigs hide in wooden, metal, and glass houses. Your power and trajectory determines the success of your birds' attacks. A direct hit at a critical weak point can bring an entire structure down on top of a pig's noggin, resulting in lots of pained oinks. It's very similar to Crush the Castle, a game I recently reviewed, but Angry Birds outstrips that addictive puzzler in personality.

Product Details
No. of Disks 0
Multiplayer Support Internet
Region USA
Language English
Audience Rating Everyone
Personal Details
Owner Me
Location iPhonicus
Purchase Date 22/08/2010
Purchase Price $1.99
Store iTunes
Condition Digital
Completion Rating Main Game Completed