Armed & Dangerous (2003)
Microsoft Xbox
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Lucasarts Entertainment   Planet Moon Studios

Armed & Dangerous for Xbox is an original squad-based shooter inspired by the legend of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. Set in the distant future, the game stars a confident gang leader named Roman who decides to overthrow an oppressive king with the help of his three-man crew, dubbed the Lionhearts. Players will guide Roman and his team across 21 missions taking place in five regions of Planet Milola. Roman and company will be hounded throughout by a motley assortment of humanoid beasts, fanatical monks, relentless droids, and other freaks of nature.

Each member of the Lionhearts specializes in certain tasks, including demolitions, magic, and muscle. Players will journey across three continents on their way to defeat evil King Forge, each of which offers such varied terrain as mountains, tundra, forests, and cliffs. To help guarantee safe passage, players can use the Cyclops Sniper Rifle to defeat multiple foes in one shot, the Vindaloo Rocket Launcher to fire four simultaneous missiles, and two types of bombs: Sticky Bombs, which can be attached to any surface (including enemies), and Topsy-Turvy Bombs, which literally turn the world upside down for a short time to shake up enemies.

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