Tiny Wings (2011)
Apple iPhone/iPod Touch
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Andreas Illinger   Andreas Illinger

Designed with the look of an animated watercolor painting and using addictive single button gameplay, Tiny Wings could be the next Angry Birds. Both games are similar in the lead character category as well as the satisfying physics involved in hurling the characters across the screen, but Tiny Wings takes an interesting diversion with seamless level transitions, short learning curve, and painterly art direction by it’s creator Andreas Illiger. Also, this little bird is far from angry.

Tiny Wings involves a plump bird with, well, tiny wings that you navigate across various islands of hills and plateaus. The aim of the game is to time the bird’s dead weight fall at opportune moments and slide through hill troughs to gain momentum and speed. It’s all about anticipation and timing. You only have so much time (or daylight) to complete an island before the sun goes down or your little birdy goes back to sleep, so the more “perfect slides” you have the better. If not, it’s “day over.”

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Language English
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