Counter-Strike (2003)
Microsoft Xbox
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Microsoft   Valve Software
DVD 805529465091

As a follow-up to Half-Life: Counter-Strike, one of the most successful PC titles of 2000, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero takes the game to a new level. Both a single- and multiplayer game, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero puts a special counter-terrorist operative under your command and you must neutralize any threat that comes along. Rescue hostages, escort VIPs to safety, disarm bombs, travel through hostile environments, and more.

Still tied to its Half-Life parent, Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the most modified and enhanced version of the game engine yet, featuring more detailed player models, new skin and customization options, and atmospheric effects. Each map is available to many different play modes: players can complete missions with a friend in co-op mode, play on the Internet in multiplayer mode, or practice in skirmish mode.
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