Super Action Baseball (1983)
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Take yourself and a friend "out to the ball game" with Super Action Baseball for the ColecoVision. When you play the game solo, you can practice batting and fielding. If you want to play head-to-head baseball or engage in a little "pitch and bat," you must get another warm body in on the action. Unlike most baseball videogames, there is no mode of play in which one player can compete against the computer.

When someone is at bat, the perspective in this game is from about a foot behind and a couple of feet to the right of home plate. The base runners and infield defenders are shown in rectangles at the top of the screen. After the ball is hit, an angled aerial view of the entire field is shown. You control the action using the Coleco Super Action Controllers; the standard joystick controllers will not work.

In this baseball sim you can throw straight pitches, inside curves, knuckle balls and down and outside curves as well as adjust the aim and speed of each pitch. Your fielders can catch, throw or run the ball, depending on the situation and how you manipulate the controls. You can even initiate double plays and pick runners off bases!

When on offense, you can swing the bat low, high or right at the belt buckle. Where you contact the baseball with your bat influences its motion. For example: hitting the ball early on will tend to send it left, and swinging over the ball will usually result in a grounder. After you hit the ball, you make the batter run by rolling the speed roller on the Super Action Controller. You can lead off bases, tag up when a fly ball is hit, and even steal bases!

Just like in real baseball, if the game is tied after nine innings, it will go into as many extra innings as it takes to determine a winner. PLAY BALL!
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