Zaxxon (1982)
(Zaxxon series)
Arcade, Shooter
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The galaxy is in peril! The evil robot Zaxxon and its legion of followers have conquered an asteroid belt! It's your job to ward off this threat before it's too late.

Zaxxon features a maneuverable (in eight directions) fighter plane that you must navigate across a series of obstacle-ridden, alien asteroid fortresses. You view the action from a position to the rear and at a diagonal angle of your craft as it advances over futuristic landscapes that scroll diagonally below. You may fly low to the ground in a position to fire at fuel tanks, base missiles, turrets, Mobots and other enemies and obstacles, or you can navigate the plane at a higher altitude in order to avoid the ground-based weaponry. If you fly too high, a missile will home in on your fighter. Brick walls and force fields have been constructed to make your progress even more difficult.

In addition to flying over asteroids, you must engage in space wars. Here enemy squadrons will track your movements while you dodge their fighter blasts and return fire. When you line up with one of Zaxxon's fighter planes, crosshair sights will appear in front of your craft. Eventually, you must face Zaxxon himself.

Up to two players (alternating) may play Zaxxon at four levels of difficulty. In the harder levels of play, fuel is consumed at a higher rate, your craft goes faster, and enemies fire more, move faster and absorb more damage. An altitude indicator and a fuel remaining indicator are onscreen to help you track your mission.
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